Flowers and plants are the subject matter I chose to spend a lifetime painting, not consciously because of the rise of feminism at that time (1967) but because they were the vehicle through which I could work with color and the various lights through which colors are revealed.
They also provide compositional ideas for organizing asymmetrical balances. So “flower power”, in the 1970’s came to be what my paintings were about. But that’s not the whole story. My paintings over the years developed into metaphors of life, energy, vibrancy, drama and pleasure. They are also about freedom, since I chose to portray them without vases or pots. They are in their own world.

These are large scale paintings, not only because the canvases in most cases are large, but the size of the objects are large in relation to the size of the canvas. This makes them suitable for medium to large spaces.

Whether or not you are serious about viewing my paintings on the website, free your mind from preconceived ideas of what flower paintings should be and look at each as an individual voice. I recommend that after seeing them in groups you view each one individually.

Janet Alling  2017


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